At the beginning was the idea, to document a Swiss manufacturing company – from the purchaising department till production, sales and installation. After many days at the workshop, storage, dispatch and construction photographs about the companys most important capital, its over 150 employees, have been created. A contemporary documentation about the activity area Switzerland – a typical medium-sized business* and market leader in Switzerland in the area of air ventilation duct and components for building technology. Pure photography without disturbing the employees at their work. Shoot with Leica M and only with 50mm lens, without additional light and no tripod. Giving the pictures the same feeling. Employees coming from over 20 different countries and representing the positive impact of migration into Switzerland. The machines, some still from the companys founding time 60 years ago, some with the latest technology. The products, custom-made air ventilation pipes and ducts, ready for installation at the customers buildings. Pictures to capture todays stand of the industry, providing it for the future, where some things might still be the same, but many will have changed.

 Thanks to Schmidlin Ltd. (Affoltern aA, Switzerland) and their employees giving me this opportunity.

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