Mittelschule Stadelhofen

The following images are a selection from a photo pool and are part of the new website for Stadelhofen School. The award-winning building, built between 1963 and 1966, still looks modern, bright, and inviting today. The images are intended to give visitors a sense of this award-winning building and to be inviting. They will also support the communication of the secondary school in its mission statement, print, and online communication.
The images showcase the school's unique architecture, which is characterized by its large windows, open spaces, beton consturction and natural light.

The images are intended to convey the following messages about Stadelhofen School:
- It is a modern and progressive school within a unique building out of the sixties that provides a challenging and supportive learning environment.
- It is a welcoming architecture where students can thrive.
- It is a place where students can develop their academic, art, personal, and social skills.

The images will be used in a variety of ways to promote the school, including on the website, in print materials, and in social media. They will help to attract new students and to raise awareness of the school's uniqueness.

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