In Memory of all "The 8th Rifle Battalion" of the On 13 June 1944 – one week after D-Day – the 8th Battalion The Rifle Brigade (from here on ‘8th Rifle Brigade’ or ‘the batallion’) landed on the beaches of Normandy, near Graye-sur-Mer. As part of the 11th Armoured Division the battalion’s main role was to provide mobile infantry support and to act as scouts, for the three tank battalions of the division. After landing, the 8th Rifle Brigade saw action in three major operations during the Battle for Normandy (Operations Epsom, Goodwood and Bluecoat), in the subsequent liberation of France, Belgium and Holland and during the final advance through Germany. Ultimately, in May 1945,  it led them all the way to Schleswig in the North of Germany.

All following picture are taken in the memory of all that saved us from the Germans, lost there live for our freedom and helped to turn Europe back to freedom.
The following map showed in red the way from the beach to Creully. The above picture have taken on this route with a Leica M11, but with lenses that where available during the operation Overlord - D-Day.

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