Mountain cheese in the Lauterbrunnen Valley

In the Lauterbrunnen Valley, mountain cheese has been made using the same recipes and procedures for over 200 years. Experience, knowledge, and a lot of love go into the perfect production and aging of this alp cheese. Every day, two wheels of cheese are produced from the milk of 12 cows that graze on the lush alpine meadows. Sandrin is carrying on this long family tradition. A photo book about the hard work in the mountains to produce this first-class dairy product will be published soon.
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The production process

The milk is collected from the cows in the morning and evening. It is then transported to the cheese dairy, where it is heated and curdled. The curd is then cut into small pieces and heated again. The whey is then drained off, and the curd is pressed into molds. The cheese is then salted and left to age for several months.

The importance of tradition

The production of mountain cheese is a tradition that is deeply rooted in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is a way of life for the people who live there. The cheese is a source of pride for the community, and it is a popular product with tourists and locals alike.

The future of mountain cheese

The production of mountain cheese is facing some challenges. The number of cows in the Alps is declining, which is making it difficult to produce enough milk to meet demand. However, there is a growing interest in traditional foods, and this is helping to ensure the future of mountain cheese.

Photo book

The photo book will document the hard work that goes into the production of mountain cheese. It will feature photos of the cows, Sandrin the cheesemakers, and the alpine meadows. The book will also tell the stories of the people who are keeping this tradition alive.

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